Time to Plant Pansies & Violas!

Pansy & Viola Bowls at Huron Ridge GreenhouseI’ve had a few people in over the last few days that are concerned about planting their pansies & violas this early.  I have good news for you, there is no time like the present!  We grow our early Spring flowers in very cool greenhouses which helps them to be much hardier than most pansies & violas you will find in stores.  They will certainly tolerate a bit of frost.  I’ve even had snow on mine in years past.  Certainly if they get too cold they will look a little sad for a few days before the perk up again.  If they do get a bit of frost damage you will want to pick off the damaged blooms, but the plants will recover nicely and push out new flowers for you.  If you are a bit nervous about this, you might want to opt for a container planter instead that you can bring in if the nights get too cold.

Pansy plants tend to bloom best in cooler temperatures.  You may find they look tired during the hot months of the summer.  If they are in a shady area they tend to do better in July in August.  You will often find they look great again once the fall cools the temperatures down.   Now get outdoors and get your hands dirty!



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